Revelation 15:1-4

November 26, 2014

34th Week in Ordinary Time

They sang . . . the song of the Lamb. (Revelation 15:3)

Have you ever missed the ending of a good story? Maybe the power went out just before the movie finished, or you were reading a book only to find the last few pages torn out when you got there. It’s so frustrating! You begin to think that you would have been better off never to have started watching or reading in the first place.

In a sense, the history of the world is one huge, complex story, and today’s first reading gives us a glimpse of the ending. Though it speaks in story and symbol, and though there’s a lot we aren’t told, we do know that it’s a happy ending. God will be victorious over his enemies, and he will right all wrongs!

But here we are, still in the middle of the story. We may have a sense of how it’s going to end, but it still can be easy to lose sight of that ending. There are times when it can feel as if life is a never-ending story, and the plot doesn’t seem to make much sense. So it’s helpful to remind ourselves that we’re in the part of the story where there is confusion and conflict. There are still a number of loose ends that God has yet to tie up. But we can be assured that God will eventually make sense of it all and that everything we are facing will somehow turn out for good.

Do you have something in your life that seems painful or paradoxical? Maybe an estranged family member or physical pain? Maybe a sense of distance from God that you don’t understand? This isn’t the end of the story! God is still unfolding the plot, and he never loses track of the details.

Sit for a few minutes with the song in today’s reading. This is a vision of God’s servants praising him at the end of the world, when the story is finished. Take the scene in, and rejoice that you will join in this chorus when the great Storyteller has written the final chapter.

“Lord, thank you for writing such a dramatic story of the world. I rejoice that the ending is safe in your hands.”

Psalm 98:1-3, 7-9; Luke 21:12-19